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We love a black bag.  Like the LBD, the perfect black bag is a must-have.  We look at the essential black bags you need in your wardrobe. 

Noir - our preferred name for black - is consistently our most popular colour + it's easy to see why.  A black bag goes with everything, you can expect it to last in your wardrobe far longer than this season's 'hot' colour, so it feels less like a frivolous purchase + more long term.

A black bag can be dressed down or up, paired with casual or more dressy outfits + is easier to match to your outfit than a specific shade of a feature colour.

So - we agree - black bags are winners when you're looking for wardrobe staples.  But what are the essential black bags you need in your accessories wardrobe?


Coco wears a pale blue suit with the Noir + Silver Reader Satchel + Barricade Strap
Coco wears a yellow toned suit and carries a Noir Mini Market Tote Bag


Well, it's not just one. Like shoes + clothing, bags should be rotated. A black bag that is used every day for every occasion will inevitably have a shorter lifespan than one that is alternated with other receptacles.  We always recommend rotation - change up your bags, give your favourites a rest occasionally, and they'll reward you with a long life.

For maximum versatility and life-extending rotation, we think a classic + functional crossbody bag, tote bag + backpack will have you covered for all your carrying needs, no matter what the occasion.  Here's our tips for deciding what black bag is best for you.

Crossbody Bags:

The crossbody bag is our most popular style for many reasons.  Wear it with casual outfits or something more dressy, wear it high on the body for a more fashion mood, or lower on the hip for super easy access + a more relaxed vibe.  Crossbody bags keep us hands free to hold a phone or a coffee while we commute, while we get errands completed, while we simply get from A to B, and they keep the essentials close by while we go about our day.

A few important things to note when choosing the right crossbody bag for you:

  • Size - decide what you need to carry + also take into consideration your frame - you don't want to be struggling to fit your large phone into a tiny receptacle, nor do you want to be swamped by a bulky bag.
  • Closure - you can go with an open bag for effortless, easy access, or a closed handbag to keep your treasures safe + secure (especially when travelling).  If a top close is your preference, look for a zipped, turnlock or magnetic closure + see what's most comfortable.
  • Strap length + width - the best thing about crossbody bags is their versatility. You want to be able to wear them on the shoulder, high on the body or low on the hip so you'll need an adjustable strap to get the most out of your bag.  Consider a thinner strap if a crossbody feels uncomfortable cutting across the bust.


The Bright Spark

VF wears a denim shirt, black pants and the Noir Bright Spark crossbody bag with Licorice + Gunmetal Corridor bag strap

Wear high on the body, around the waist, or sling to the back. Topline zip closure + zipped front compartment.


The Lobby

RG with the Noir + Gold Lobby

Turnlock closure ensures security of your treasures, while the concertina gussets bring volume to the interior.


The Reader Satchel

JW with the Noir + Gun Reader

Wear high cross body or lower on the hip, or carry by the handle. Magnetic closure keeps items secure but still easily accessed.


The Mini Market Tote

RG with the Noir Mini Market Tote

Bucket style mini tote with twin handles and an open top.


A black backpack is an alternative hands free option if crossbody is not your vibe.  Go large or petite, depending on your carrying needs, and look for adjustable straps and an interior that will fit your needs.

It's particularly important if you're looking for a black bag for work or study that you check dimensions of your tech device, as some backpacks will fit a 13 inch laptop while others will only accomodate tablets.  Get a measuring tape if you're unsure, as not all '13 inch' devices are the same dimensions, so it's always safest to confirm.


The High Road Backpack

V wears the Noir High Road Backpack

Use the straps to convert from a traditional backpack to a shoulder bag / tote, or carry as a portrait style briefcase.


The Long Lunch Backpack

RVB wears the Noir Long Lunch Backpack

A petite backpack with adjustable straps + integrated handle for another carry option.


The Liaison Backpack

CW wears the Noir + Silver Liaison Backpack

Adjustable straps, a handmade acrylic handle and ample space for a 13 inch laptop.

Tote Bag: 

A classic black tote bag is functional + practical, but we believe a tote bag is about more than just functionality (albeit that is vital). A tote bag should serve you for both practicality + sophistication, work and play, day and night – and do it all with style and grace.

The right tote bag for you should fit your preferred tech, your essentials for work or study, and look stylish enough on your arm to accompany you from work to play.   

Look for a padded section if you want to carry a laptop, and for pockets to contain all your other essentials - best to avoid the voluminous bag that you need to scrounge in to find what you're looking for.  There should be a place for your phone, keys, wallet + glasses so they're easy to retrieve.  

It's also worth considering the strap length - are you going to wear it on your shoulder or carry in on your arm?  Can it fit over a bulky winter coat? - and whether your work environment requires a corporate look, or is welcoming of something with a bolder fashion mood.  The best tote bag for you will carry what you need, make your life easier + work with your individual style.


The Market Tote

RVB carries the Noir Market Tote

A structured tote with a silhouette hinting at classic bucket bag. Room for a tablet in the padded pocket.


The Library Tote

MG carries the Noir Library Tote

A petite option that still fits a 13 inch device in the main compartment.


The Archive Tote

VF carries the Noir Archive Tote

Classic landscape tote, with two sets of straps for shoulder or hand carry. Room for a 15 inch device in the main compartment.


The Daytripper Tote

RG carries the Noir Daytripper Tote

Large enough to use as an overnight bag, a luxe baby bag, or a powerhouse tote for work.


We hope we've helped you to consider how to choose the three essential black bags in your wardrobe. Consider what you need to carry, what fashion mood you're going for + what occasions you can wear it.  And remember - bag rotation is your friend!


Studio Sans Beast

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