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    (Image courtesy of Smith + Daughters).

     We're not really Valentines' Day people (we're big on celebrating love 365 days of the year with some days of the week being more...*coughs nervously*....celebratory, than others) BUT it's a special day for many, and it often prompts thoughts of heading out to share a meal, staring lovingly into each others eyes + making future plans of riding into the sunset together.  If you're looking for somewhere to eat for the yearly night out when love fills the air + affection is almost guaranteed - here are a few fave V-spots in Melbourne + Sydney to consider.  



    Smith + Daughters - Fitzroy, Vic

    Absolute standout food on offer here. You will not believe it's vegan. Menu is super innovative + thoughtfully compiled. Shannon Martinez + Mo Wyse run this energetic superstar of a venue, and we love love love having lunch or dinner here.

    Shop 225 Pizzeria - Coburg, Vic

    There's a constant line to get into this cosy pizzeria. Service is fast, food is simple, Italian is spoken on the regular.  Plenty of options in both vegan cheese + meat for pizza / pasta lovers. Make a booking, and get ready for a loud but molto friendly environment.


    Green Arms Man - Carlton, Vic

    A warm + cosy pub setting, with a vegetarian menu + a great selection of vegan options alongside.If you can find yourselves a quiet corner for those picket fence + sunset chats, go for it - otherwise, ideal to experience this place with a group of loved up friends not doing the duo thing on VDay.

    Bhodi in the Park - CBD Sydney, NSW

    We must admit to not having visited here yet - but we've had it referred to us so many times it's worth a mention. They're pioneers in the vegan food space, having been operating since 1988 + their menu / environment looks pure heaven.


    Golden Lotus Vegan - Newtown, NSW

    A peaceful vibe, fast service + amazing value in the meals - this place is not dark, moody + ready for romance, but it's tasty, friendly + love is felt in every dish of plant based goodness.

    Gigi Pizzeria - Newtown, NSW

    Intimate, cosy + traditional Italian - with the added twist of using zero animal products on the menu. Wood fired vera pizza Napoletana - gutsy move for an Italian restaurant. We're hungry just thinking about eating here. Go with your lover, go with your friends. Andiamo.



    BTW - we actually think these overviews by Urban List +Time Out are much more comprehensive than ours - so head to these links for more Sydney + Melbourne vegan ideas for the day of universal loving. 

    May your 14th February be full of passion, thoughtfulness, kissing, conversation, kindness + good energy.....or at the very least, may no dickheads ruin your day.