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Sans Beast Favourites, Back In Stock.

These are our returning beasts, some favourite styles that are back in stock.  Whether it's a crossbody bag or tote bag, these have proven to be crowd favourites and we're so pleased to see them again.  

Sans Beast vegan bags + wallets are designed to look distinctive, offer practicality in your busy life (hello pockets) + not harm our fellow earthlings. A lot is said about 'vegan leather bags' nowadays – yet we prefer to recognise that our material is not leather, and to be upfront about it being polyurethane. Most of our collection is constructed from a good quality polyurethane (PU) with an increasing proportion (40% of our collection in 2021) in pre + post consumer recycled polyester and PU that is water based + solvent free. These recycled materials are Global Recycled Standard certified. We also have cactus leather handbags and continue to pursue more non leather alternatives.

We are on a constant journey to introduce new materials to our collection, and whilst we know that synthetics are not always popular, they are far less damaging to the environment than the majority of animal derived leathers. And as far as ethics go, it's our view that mass slaughter of sentient beings is not ethical.

Sans Beast is for style seeking animal lovers everywhere.

BACK IN STOCK - Sans Beast Best Selling Vegan Handbags Restocked