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The Cosmopolitan


The Cosmopolitan wants a special bag for all the occasions that fill up their dance card.   And if they've been in lockdown, they're ready to get dressed up again + have some fun.  These gifting ideas are full of colour + fun to reflect the spirit of opening up and rejoining the world with gusto.

Sans Beast vegan crossbody bags are painstakingly designed and wear tested, with every detail, inside and out, being considered.  Sans Beast vegan bags and vegan wallets are made with love, not animals. So you can enjoy a luxe bag without compromising on your values. 

Many people talk about 'vegan leather bags' nowadays – yet we prefer to be open + upfront that our material is not leather. Most of our collection is constructed from a good quality polyurethane (PU) with an increasing proportion (40% of our collection in 2021) in pre + post consumer recycled polyester and PU that is water based + solvent free. These recycled materials are Global Recycled Standard certified. 

We invite you to join the cruelty free revolution.

The Cosmopolitan | Sans Beast Vegan Bag Gift Ideas