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    Cruelty-free vegan bodypacks. Made with love, not animals.

    Keep your hands as free as your spirit with a Sans Beast vegan bodypack. Designed in Melbourne and made with love (not animals), our bags are cruelty-free and PETA certified.

    Sans Beast bodypacks answer to a number of different names — vegan bum bags, for those with 90s nostalgia, cruelty-free fanny packs, for our North American friends or perhaps belt bags may also work. Such is the life of a chameleon handbag.

    They’re versatile with adjustable straps so you can sling them sideways (almost like our vegan shoulder bags) or strap them around your waist.

    You hear a lot about 'vegan leather bags' nowadays – yet we prefer to recognise that our material is not leather, and to be upfront about it being polyurethane.  Aesthetic and tactile pleasures are pivotal to our design process for all our bags – yet the technical efficacy of our material is paramount.  Our luxe vegan bodypacks are made with high-quality eco polyurethane and zinc alloy hardware.  They are painstakingly designed and wear tested, with every detail, inside and out, being considered.