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The Sans Beast community has voted, these are the best selling vegan handbags and accessories. All of our pieces are PETA-approved and crafted from cruelty free non-leather materials. Which treasure will you make your favourite?


These are the favourites, the best sellers, the styles our community have embraced season after season.  Designed to resist short-lived fashion trends, these vegan crossbody bags, tote bags, belt bags, bag straps + wallets are classic silhouettes with a Sans Beast aesthetic.

Our collection is made up of virgin, recycled + bio-based fabrics, all constructed to emulate the hides from the animal kingdom - without the cruelty. We use REACH + Prop65 certified PU coated fabric, with most of the range being made utilizing recycled content, including our new Sans Beast printed lining made from recycled PET (plastic bottles + textile waste). These fabrics are Global Recycled Standard certified. A small but growing portion of our range is bio-based - be it our pure cotton totes, our AppleSkin™ collection or our new Mirum® handbag.

While being cruelty free is of optimum importance to us at Sans Beast - so too is the environment, and despite marketing folklore, synthetic + most certainly biobased 'leathers' have a far lower environmental impact than animal based leathers.

Our luxe vegan bags are painstakingly designed and wear tested, with every detail, inside and out, being considered.  Sans Beast bags and accessories are made with love, not animals.  So you can enjoy a luxe bag without compromising on your values.  We invite you to join the cruelty free revolution.