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The entire Sans Beast collections is made from responsible, PETA certified, vegan friendly fabrics + is designed to bring you beauty without the beast. Shop the full collection of vegan crossbody bags, tote bags, straps + wallets and find your favourite.


We are Sans Beast. Our ethos is in our name. Sans Beast means 'without beast'. We design handbags + accessories for animal loving, style seeking humans. 

Our collection is made up of virgin, recycled + bio-based fabrics, all constructed to emulate the hides from the animal kingdom - without the cruelty.  We use REACH + Prop65 certified PU coated fabric, with most of the range being made utilizing recycled content, including our new Sans Beast printed lining made from recycled PET (plastic bottles + textile waste). These fabrics are Global Recycled Standard certified. A small but growing portion of our range is bio-based - be it our pure cotton totes, or our AppleSkin™ collection.  Mirum® by Natural Fiber Welding launched in August 2023 + Desserto Cactus 'leather' will be rejoining our collection again in early 2024.

From our vegan backpacks, crossbody bags and tote bags, to our vegan wallets and bag straps, our range is painstakingly designed and wear tested, with every detail inside and out being considered. We are on a constant journey to introduce new materials to our collection, and whilst we know that synthetics are not always popular, they are far less damaging to the environment than the majority of animal derived leathers. And as far as ethics go, it's our view that mass slaughter of sentient beings is not ethical. 

So if you’ve been hesitant to make the shift to cruelty free, there’s no better way to do it than to shop Sans Beast. Enjoy a luxe vegan leather bag without compromising on your values. We invite you to join the cruelty free revolution.