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Sans Beast Creature Blog - Australian Bushfires 2020


By Jennifer Wills


As we write this, 15,600,000 acres, 1665+ homes, 27 people (including three firefighters), and 500,000,000 wildlife animals (excluding insects, frogs + farmed animals, the latter being at a current count of 100,000) have been lost. These numbers are only set to rise. 

We understand the current situation is overwhelming and confusing. We too are feeling enormous sadness + a sense of helplessness with the state of Australia, and sincerely wondering what the next steps will be for our country.  Emergency workers, charities and councils are on the ground to work out exactly what their communities need right now.  We keep reading that the best way you can help them is to donate money. We wanted to make a simple guide that links to the frontline charities helping those affected by the crisis in our nation. All charity donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible. You can still donate to the Bushfire Disaster Appeal even if you live outside of Australia. 

Sans Beast Creature Blog - Australian Bushfires 2020

      Satellite image via Sydney News




NSW Rural Fire Service

You can either donate straight to the NSW RFS or to your local Rural Fire Brigade to support volunteer firefighters. While brigades have equipment to protect the community, donations will assist them to deliver additional services.
You can also donate to the families of firefighters Geoffrey Keaton and Andrew O’Dwyer, who lost their lives at Green Wattle Creek fire, and Samuel McPaul, at the Green Valley fireground, here.


Country Fire Authority (CFA), Victoria 

Like the NSW RFS, you can donate either to a specific brigade or provide a donation to the state’s Country Fire Association here.


The Victorian Bushfire Appeal 

The Victorian Government has teamed up with The Salvation Army and Bendigo Bank for the appeal, with all funds going to communities in need.
Donations to the Bushfire Disaster Appeal can be made at any Bendigo Bank branch or online here. 

Red Cross 

Red Cross are currently supporting thousands of people in evacuation centres and recovery hubs across Australia, reuniting those who have been separated due to unforeseen circumstances. They will also be ensuring recovery programs and emergency assistance is available. 


St Vincent de Paul Society Bushfire Appeal

Vinnies’ bushfire appeal helps provide food, clothing and money that bushfire victims may need to pay their bills.



To help the NSW wildlife victims, you can donate to the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) here.


Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

More than 2000 koalas are feared to have perished in NSW since September.
The Koala Hospital is the world's first rehabilitation facility dedicated solely to the care and conservation of wild koalas.
They have currently raised more than $3 million for the wildlife affected in that area, with the initial aim of using the money to distribute automatic drinking stations in the burnt areas to help in koala and wildlife survival.
The organisation is now sharing the funds with other wildlife organisations in the fire affected regions across NSW. You can donate here.



At Sans Beast we are heartbroken at the devastation our friends, families and country have experienced over the last few months. Whilst none of us know when these horrific fires will be extinguished, we accept that we still have a long way to go.


Some drastic changes will be required to the way we all live, our climate change strategy  and how our governments legislate for the future. In the meantime, we are extremely thankful to the men + women, brave enough to fight for our country.  We acknowledge it is vital to continue rallying together as a community, ensuring we do all we can to support those in need, financially and emotionally.   

An image by @mattabbottphoto of a kangaroo bounding in front of a firefront

        Image by @mattabbottphoto

As we have said in previous IG posts, if you wish to donate, please do so directly.  We are fully cognisant that many businesses are donating profits to the fire efforts, however we have made donations as a business, and we believe it is a more worthy effort on the behalf of citizens, to donate directly to those in need.  

We stand with Australia + can only hope that we come out of this wiser, stronger + ready to take on the new normal of climate change.  Please consider your dietary + lifestyle habits. Animal agriculture in Australia uses 50-70% of the water consumed in Australia per annum and irrigation uses 90% of that.  Between 520-530 million animals are slaughtered yearly for food in Australia. News footage tends to show animals in paddocks, however we can only guess the sheds + factory farms, full of animals, that are facing this horrific chapter.  A telling quote from The Garnaut Report commissioned by the government in 2008 is below - suffice to say, our government knew this time was coming, and have made no change to our agricultural industry, our coal mining support + our excessive water use.  


“The Garnaut Climate Change Review's final report said projections of fire weather "suggest that fire seasons will start earlier, end slightly later, and generally be more intense".


"This effect increases over time, but should be directly observable by 2020."


To conclude, the ancient Native American quote: 



Be safe, be kind to all kinds.   
Studio Sans Beast. XO



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