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Closeup image of rubber plant leaves - taken from Natural Fiber Welding, makers of MIRUM vegan leather


By Jennifer Wills


What is MIRUM® bio-based fabric, and why is it actually kind of a big deal?

Our Illuminate Handbag + Covert Card Holder are crafted with MIRUM®, a 100% bio-based material that is radically new, plant-based + plastic-free. 

Sans Beast Illuminate MIRUM® vegan leather handbag

We choose to use no animal products in our collections, so we work with a range of materials as alternatives to animal leather. Bio-based materials are those derived from plants and other renewable agricultural materials, and represent a huge innovation leap for those that seek ethically + environmentally responsible fashion choices.

MIRUM® was created by Natural Fiber Welding, a circularity platform for plastic-free performance materials based in Illinois, USA.

MIRUM® is made with natural nutrient + bioneutral ingredients, such as natural rubber, plant-based oils, natural pigments, and agri-waste like rice hulls and coconut fibres. It has a 10x lower carbon footprint than animal leather.

Sans Beast Illuminate MIRUM vegan leather handbag + card wallet, along with fabric swatches

The MIRUM® manufacturing process does not require any additional water inputs except what is represented in the natural ingredients. This means there is no wastewater discharge created from the making of MIRUM®.

MIRUM® is the first material of its kind designed to be both 100% recyclable and 100% circular in nature. Because the material itself does not contain any petrochemicals or plastics, it can return its nutrients to the earth safely at the end of its life.

MIRUM® is being used across a range of applications from footwear, fashion, accessories, automative and upholstery.

There are a growing number of material developers + manufacturers that are pioneers in the bio-based space, and an iterative process will be required to build on what they’ve started. We’re confident these materials will become mainstream in the coming years, and become more accessible for businesses + consumers alike.

Image of rubber plant leaves from Natural Fiber Welding, makers of MIRUM® vegan leather material

Working to bring more bio-based materials into our collection is our goal, and we look forward to keeping you updated on the journey.

Read more here about all the materials we use.


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