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Cropped image of Tari wearing a pale neutral blazer, grey tank + the Bright Spark Crossbody bag in Cinnamon


By Jennifer Wills


The neutral aesthetic is one we're embracing, with vegan bags in earthy, nude tones on regular rotation in the SB Studio + on the packing table. Here's our favourite ways to style neutrals.

We love a classic, warm neutral, with tones of Vanilla, Almond, Cinnamon, Chestnut + Mahogany enduring favourites in our vegan bag collection. Muted + timeless, these subtle colours offer versatility in styling + mood, in a broad spectrum of nude shades.

What makes a neutral colour? Well, its lack of colour. Neutrals + near neutrals appear to have no colour or a very low saturation, and they provide a restful point for the eye to travel to. They don't compete with other colours which means you can mix + match without worrying about clashing shades. Neutrals are a supremely versatile palette if you're trying to create a capsule wardrobe, or just looking for classic colours that will outlast fast fashion trends. 

A neutral bag can be a softer choice than black + just as easy to style back with a wide range of outfits for year round wear, season after season. From off-white to beige to browns, neutrals will magically go with everything in your wardrobe - try it and see.

April carries the Daytripper Tote, Bright Spark + Nomad Tote all in Cinnamon 

How to style neutrals

Go head to toe tonal neutral:

Embrace the neutral aesthetic head to toe with an outfit + bag in similar shades. This works for all seasons - think caramel knits + brown boots for cooler weather, and summery linen coords in earthy shades. Introducing leopard print into the mix will bring out the earthy tones of your bag, and a neutral trench coat will bring it all together + always looks polished. #quietluxury anyone?

The SB team wear outfits and bags in neutral tones


Lighten up the dark:

Rather than using a black bag on a dark toned ensemble, consider a warm, neutral handbag to lighten your look - it will be more visible than black on black. Go for deep browns like Chestnut + Mahogany to add warmth + richness, or biscuit tones like Vanilla for contrast. The same principle applies to dark denim, greys + charcoals or khaki - they're a great pairing with brown + beige bags.

The SB team wear dark toned outfits with bags in Vanilla + Cinnamon


Ground your brights:

You don't need to always settle for a basic black bag when wearing brighter colours and patterns - a neutral accessory can ground strong colours + offer a softer contrast than black. Let a vibrant green, red or pink outfit be the hero and accessorise with neutrals that don't fight for attention.

The SB team wear outfits in bright colours + patterns, while carrying neutral toned bags


Complement with blue:

As opposite tones on a colour wheel, the complementary hues of blue + orange brighten and enhance each other. Pair neutrals that have an orange cast - like the tan tones of Chestnut, Cinnamon + Mahogany - with blues ranging from dark denim to breezy light blue linen.

The SB team wear outfits in blue with neutral brown bags


Neutral bags are a valuable part of your wardrobe, with classic shades bringing timeless + versatile style. If you're looking to buy less + buy well, a neutral-toned bag is top of the list.

Share how you wear your favourite neutrals on our IG and tag #beautywithoutthebeast.


Studio Sans Beast 


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