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By Cathryn Wills


Sans Beast is a slow brand.  We don't deliver new styles every week, every month or even every quarter - we do two collection launches a year, and within that, we celebrate a new colour or texture equally as much as the handful of new shapes we introduce. 

This savouring of each colour, material, trim + shape allows us to take the time that is necessary to develop a well considered collection.  It gives our community faith that pieces are collectable + enduring in style.  It also allows our manufacturing partner to leverage the investment he's made in patternmaking, die cutting + technical prowess needed to get a shape 'right' before making multiples.  

We do however love the process of envisaging a new story to sit alongside these collection launches, to inform the photographic + video shoots we do + to generally uplift us as creative souls.  Naturally we hope these stories inspire our community also.  For series 10 - the notion of memento mori resonated.  No doubt the result of diving into ancient Stoic texts through the challenges of Melbourne's long term lockdowns over 2020 + 2021 - and gaining a sense of comfort from these words + disciplines to live by.  Nothing like an ancient philosophers' words to support mental health + teach resilient thinking!  There is a calmness that comes from recognising that life is finite + moments should be appreciated for what they can teach + offer, as they are in fact fleeting.  

We shot our campaign in the fog + drizzle of a June day up on Mount Macedon, amongst the stunning Forest Glade Gardens - an enchanted, manicured space with gardens planted over 100 years ago.  We decided to shoot on two models - Rhylee + Coco - to convey that Sans Beast is for all, not defined by gender.  Our ongoing collaborators Cubed Studio with Jess Garcia behind the lens, shot the stills + we worked with Setefano of NineSixteenFilms on the motion + editing.  The fabulous Jam Baylon on styling + Laurie Boring on cruelty free HMU.  

We hope you enjoy the the mood of slowing down + getting lost in nature for a few moments.  Series 10 has landed + we can't wait to share it with you. 

Images of Coco + Rhylee wearing Sans Beast bags in a garden + greenhouse setting

Left to Right / top to bottom: Coco wears the Artichoke Bright Spark, Coco wears the Noir Croco Market Tote + Rhylee the Artichoke Market Tote.  Rhylee carries the Cinnamon Daytripper Tote.

Image of Rhylee wearing Sans Beast bags standing in a circular concrete gateway.


Rhylee wearing the Cinnamon + Noir Sojourn Crossbody bags.

Image of Rhylee + Coco carrying Sans Beast bags in a garden setting.


Top to bottom / left to right: Coco carries the Artichoke Dumpling, Coco wears the Artichoke High Road Mini + Rhylee the Artichoke Daytripper Tote.  Coco swings the Noir Dumpling.

Image of Coco wearing a Sans Beast in a garden setting


Coco wears the Lagoon Reader Satchel + the Citron mix Corridor Strap.  Launching October.


Image of Coco + Rhylee wearing Sans Beast bags in a garden setting.


Left to Right / top to bottom: Coco wears the Noir Silver Bandolier + Barricade Strap + Rhylee wears the Almond Croco Reader Satchel + Barricade Strap.


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