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Starlight Puffball Bags

Oh the joys of materials + manufacturing.  One day you're crushing on the starry sky above, imagining a fabric that whispers the secrets of the universe to you, the next you're delivering bags in said illuminated fabric...and the NEXT you're pulling the bags off your website because you decide the soft abrasion that occurs on this fabric is potentially not going to be understood by your community.

Full disclosure: myself + our team have been carrying the Starlight Puffball styles + the silver metallic 'rub off' has occurred mildly around some seams.  A friend of the brand carried one of these bags to a music festival + with heat, sweat, dancing + possibly a bunch of spilt drinks, the silver rub off was more pronounced.  We removed these products from our website as a result of this experience, to give us time to consider the best course of action.  

We will not send these bags to landfill. They are beautiful, squishy, fun, useful + as mentioned, full of metaphorical starry thoughts. But, we can't justify selling them at full price. Our solution is to offer these slightly NQR pieces at 50% off. 

This is a buyer beware situation, there will be no returns allowed based on metallic surface rub off.  We attest to the utility of the bags, however the fabric IS delicate + some of the silver will fade over time. 


Yours in planetary alignment + sparkling stars, 

Cathryn + the SB team 🪐