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How do I care for my SANS BEAST item?

We recommend treating your item with love & care to avoid scratching, denting and general wear & tear.  Avoid leaving your bag/pouch/wallet in direct sunlight for hours on end - despite PU being robust & less prone to sun damage than leather, PU may still discolour/fade with prolonged exposure to sun.  Every Sans Beast piece comes with a cotton dustbag - we suggest storing your item in these bags when not in use.   

When attaching straps, take care to ensure the rounded edge of the dog clip - rather than the clasp - sits against your bag.  If attached incorrectly the sharper end of the clasp can scratch your treasured bag.

Our bags are not indestructible, nor will they take kindly to being overloaded.  When we say overloaded, we refer to filling it to the brim thus causing the bag to distort & have undue pressure applied to the strap connection areas.  Respect your bag & it will return the favour by going the distance in your accessories wardrobe.

As with every quality accessory - shoes, bags, sunglasses, jewellery - the key is in rotating your pieces; don't wear the same item every day, and it will return the favour with a long life. 

How do I clean my SANS BEAST item?

The beauty of our products is not only that they are cruelty free, but they are easy to care for.  Simply wipe your SB products with a damp, lint free cloth and you’re done.  Remember never to use any household cleaners on your SB products, as they are often abrasive and may damage or discolour your item.   We use different PU materials in the collection & for anything with a nap (faux suede for example), we suggest a coat or two of a waterproofing spray.


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