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We recommend treating your item with love + care. This includes not over filling it, leaving it on the ground in the dirt, spilling drinks + food on it ...or generally treating it like it's bulletproof.  It is not. General wear + tear occurs on bags - things like scratches on hardware + surface material are normal when a bag is being carried + used regularly.  We use zinc alloy hardware on our bags, with plating in various colours.  Plating is a surface layer that sits on top of the base metal core - it will over time, rub off in areas where metal is on metal, or where skin touches metal regularly.  This is part of normal wear + tear,  not a fault.  


Here are some tips on caring for your Sans Beast items:

  • When attaching straps, take care to ensure the rounded edge of the dog clip - rather than the lever clasp - sits against your bag.  If attached incorrectly the lever end of the clasp can scratch your treasured bag. 

  • Avoid leaving your bag/pouch/wallet in direct sunlight for hours on end - despite our fabrics being robust + less prone to sun damage than animal based leathers, they may still discolour/fade with prolonged exposure to sun.  Every Sans Beast piece comes with an undyed, recycled cotton dustbag and we recommend storing your item in these bags when not in use.

  • Our bags have been tested + verified for colour fastness, but we would still advise against wearing light coloured clothing in extreme humidity or substantial wet weather (we are talking extended time in downpours) when carrying a dark coloured bag as some colour transfer could occur.

  • Our bags are not indestructible, nor will they take kindly to being overloaded.  When we say overloaded, we refer to filling it to the brim thus causing the bag to distort + have undue pressure applied to the strap connection areas.  

  • As with every quality accessory - shoes, bags, sunglasses, jewellery - the key is in rotating your pieces; don't wear the same item every day, and it will return the favour with a long life. 

  • Our embossed textures are achieved by a heat embossing process, to emulate the texture of the animal kingdom (without killing said animal kingdom).  There can be some variation in the embossed surface between website image + what you receive, depending on where the pattern piece has been placed during the cutting process. 



The beauty of our products is not only that they are cruelty free, but they are easy to care for.


Simply wipe with a damp cloth, or add a little diluted shampoo to clean more serious spills, then wipe again with a damp cloth to remove any excess. It's important to avoid oil based and ink stains, as well as the use of any solvents in cleaning your bag (alcohol, acetone, bleach, silicones etc), as these can be absorbed + damage the organic cactus fabric.


Simply wipe your Sans Beast products with a damp, lint free cloth and you’re done.  Remember never to use any household cleaners as they are often abrasive and may damage or discolour your item.


Our canvas bags are machine washable.  We recommend using cold water to ensure fading doesn’t occur.


Simply wipe your acrylic bag with a lint free cloth to remove any dust, taking care not to scratch the finish.  Acrylic can crack and/or shatter if dropped or knocked against a hard surface so treat it like the treasure it is -  Sans Beast cannot take responsibility for any breakages that occur through mishandling.


Use a mild detergent + warm water to clean any dirty marks off your strap.  Don't submerge the strap in water, but gently soap up the dirty marks + then run the sections under a light stream of water to rinse off.  Leave to hand dry.  This should remove light marks - you may need to repeat the process for more stubborn marks (eg oil + grease) but note excessive scrubbing may case colour loss, so please be gentle.


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