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Split image of Sans Beast hardware + vegan handbags, all showing the Sans Beast Ox logo


By Jennifer Wills


Creating a logo for all. 'What's with the upside down A?'

We often get asked about what our logo - which actually isn't a letter A - means. Created by the team at Self-titled Design in 2018, Sans Beast needed a bold, strong, androgynous + distinctive logo that encapsulated the ethos of the brand. 

Our founder's love of antiquity saw the team research early letterforms, discovering that the latin letter 'A' evolved from markings which pictorially represented an ox. 

Ancient alphabets were picked apart, weights were explored + angles obsessed over until this inverted 'A' became our shorthand 'beast'. 

4 pic grid showing various iterations of ancient alphabets used to create a logo for Sans Beast Vegan Handbags

Serendipitously, in mathematics, an inverted 'A' means 'for all.' A fitting symbol for a brand that values all animals, human + non-human alike.

And thus, the Ox logo as we know it was born.

It has appeared on our custom hardware since our very first collection, and this year we celebrated it in a new iteration, with a repeat monogram treatment in a tactile emboss + in webbing.

New ways to share the same tale: we are for all.


4 image grid of the letter 'A' along with the Sans Beast logo, Sojourn vegan crossbody bag in Fudge + Voyage vegan crossbody bags in Olive, Noir + Fudge



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