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Dechen wears a brown toned suit, and holds two brown toned Sans Beast vegan handbags.


By Jennifer Wills


WELCOME TO SERIES 09: GROUNDED. Our new collection has landed.  We continue to design to our central ethos - that style doesn't need to be compromised in the pursuit of cruelty free fashion. 


"After a tumultuous 18 months of this new world we’re living in, I’m hyper vigilant about doing all I can to be focused, rational + grounded. Not grounded like a naughty kid or a faulty aeroplane - but feet-in-the dirt-sun-shining-on-the-face sort of grounded.  Balanced, well considered, with purposeful actions. It’s not a time for frenetic expansion of our collection, it’s a time to double down on the favourite shapes + be circumspect with adding new styles.  The edit is more important than the addition.  We'll continue with this measured approach as we attract new aficionados to the notion of going Sans Beast in their style choices.”                                                               

Cathryn Wills, Founder


Dechen stands in front of red rocks, wearing a checked blazer and a brown Sans Beast handbag and black webbing strap
Dechen stands on a beach wearing a beige toned coat and holding two black Sans Beast bags on one arm.
A cropped image of Dechen holding a group of blue toned Sans Beast handbags, clutched in one hand.

Grounded is a word that talks to not rushing forward, or acting with 'more more more' energy - but rather to stand still, recalibrate + focus on doing our best, after a challenging 2 years. 

In this spirit, Series 09 continues our signature silhouettes with Noir, Mahogany + Chestnut forming the core of the collection, and Pistachio, Denim Blue, Sky Blue and Pale Vanilla providing seasonal colour tones. 

We satisfy the craving for 'new' with a considered handful of fresh shapes. The Market Tote, Library Tote and Petite Activist add to our tote offering, while the Laneway strap, Sidecar sling and Agency Wallet offer a more petite sized wardrobe refresh.

The Mini Market Tote is a fashion highlight in the collection, with a structured shape + our signature handles combining to create a super petite tote / crossbody bag.

Dechen wears a cream toned shirt + pants and holds a light blue Sans Beast handbag in her hands
Dechen stands on rocks along a beach, holding a pale green Sans Beast tote bag.
Cropped image of Dechen wearing a cream knit suit with a pale green Sans Beast handbag worn crossbody.
Closeup image of Dechen wearing a blue checked suit with a cream crossbody bag + striped webbing strap.

Our commitment to exploring non-virgin vegan friendly materials for our bags + accessories, remains unchanged, with the portion of recycled fabrics growing to almost 70% of the total collection, up from just over 40% last season.

Our recycled offering now includes silken, pebbled + some faux croco finishes made from 58% recycled content, and these fabrics are Global Recycled Certified.  

We shot this photographic campaign on the lands of the Wadawarrung People + the Gadubanud of the Eastern Maar People.  You may know it (as we did) as Anglesea, Victoria.  The ocean + surrounding lands were the perfect environment for us to take a breath + channel creativity with a small, inspiring crew of collaborators including photography by Jess Garcia at Cubed Studio, stunning model Dechen at Kult, on point styling by Jam Baylon + 'I'll keep Dechen looking polished even when the elements are against us' HMU artist Laurie Boring.  

Dechen wears a cream toned trench coat and stands on a rocky beach, holding two brown Sans Beast tote bags


Whether you're new to Sans Beast or a return visitor - thanks for being here, we hope you love the collection.


XO, Studio Sans Beast



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