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A flatlay image of a Sans Beast Reader Satchel + Barricade Strap with dustbag, printed tissue paper and stickers.


By Jennifer Wills


Sustainability is the buzzword of the moment, and it’s a fraught space for a fashion brand. Everything from the fabrics we choose to how we package our goods makes a difference + is an opportunity to make a sustainable choice.

We certainly don’t profess perfection.  Truth be told, we're not fans of spraying the word 'sustainable' around - our stance has always been to not contribute to animal exploitation (and the inherent environmental disaster that is industrial animal agriculture) + to work hard to reduce our impact on the earth, always knowing it's impossible to have zero impact.  There are key steps in the design, manufacturing + packaging processes that we feel are crucial to minimising our footprint on the earth. 

Designing with 'vegan' fabrics is a core starting point. We know that using animal leather has a higher environmental impact than using synthetic or bio based fabrics – you can read more on this here + here – so for both ethical + environmental reasons, we choose cruelty free every time.

Our bags are made from virgin, recycled or bio based fabrics, with our latest collection taking us to more than 90% of the range constructed using Global Recycled Standard certified recycled PU coated fabric and/or webbing. 2023 will see us move to zero virgin materials in our offering – it’s a big goal but progress is well underway. Stay tuned.

We also embrace a slower fashion cycle.  We produce just two collections a year, with a small number of styles + many that repeat season after season.  Thoughtful design ensures timeless shapes + practical functionality, which will always last longer in the wardrobe + continue to be worn and loved – not put in landfill. Creating quality products that will be used repeatedly + will last is the essential foundation for sustainability. 

Vegan bags ready for browsing action in the Sans Beast Studio

Packaging is a crucial element, as goods needs to be shipped – a better choice environmentally than air freight, certainly – and this means they’re sitting in a box on a vessel for up to 4 weeks. We’ve been transitioning our production away from traditional plastic poly bags since 2019, with the bulk of our range packaged in water soluble bags that are biodegradable, compostable and soluble in hot water. It’s a milestone we’re proud of. 

Having taken care to choose thoughtful design, responsible fabrics + a slower cycle overall, we wouldn’t package our products in just anything when sending to customers. The ethos of cruelty free + environmental responsibility has to carry through every touchpoint of a Sans Beast bag.

Our team thoroughly check each + every order that leaves the warehouse and packs it in an undyed, recycled cotton dust bag. We add a product care card – because taking care of things helps them last longer – and postcard printed by local business Print Together, both made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

We then wrap it all in branded tissue from noissue. It’s made from FSC certified recycled materials + printed with soy based inks, and lets us put our cruelty free message front + centre. The noissue stickers add to our sustainable packaging suite – they are made from FSC certified, acid free, lignin + sulfur-free pulp, so they compost without leaving any residue behind.

We are proudly part of noissue’s Eco Alliance, contributing positively to global reforestation with every order we make with them – just like we plant a tree via One Tree Planted for every order our customers make with us. Like-minded brands working together can absolutely make a difference to the planet.

Print Together care cards + water activated tape
Water Soluble Bags
Sans Beast Reader Satchel + Print Together care cards

The final step in the sustainability circle is repair + reuse. We've upskilled ourselves in basic repairs, so that we can fix minor wear issues + extend the useful life of Sans Beast pieces. We've also joined with circular wardrobe business AirRobe to enable customers to easily rent or sell their bags after they've finished using + loving them. 

As we continue our responsible business journey - and it is a journey, with materials + technologies constantly evolving - we're very intentional about our choices in design, materials, manufacturing + packaging. We encourage you to support businesses + brands that prioritise the values + ethics that resonate for you.

Look for cruelty free products, recycled materials, the option to repair + recycled or compostable packaging. We can all be conscious consumers + we welcome you to join the revolution.



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