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Coco wears a green toned suit and holds the Artichoke Dumpling Vegan Crossbody Bag in her hands


By Jennifer Wills


The Dumpling is new for Series 10 + already polarising opinions.  Sort of like a vegan at a BBQ.  We're here for it. So how to style our new favourite crossbody bag?

Designed with a desire to get a soft bag into the Sans Beast collection, the Dumpling is a departure from our signature, structured bags. It offers a sculptural shape that is distinctive + opinionated - it's a bag that will get noticed. The silhouette is collapsible, slouchy + modern, giving a fresh take on the classic bucket bag.

The ongoing popularity of oversized blazers, exaggerated sleeves + slouchy trousers proves the soft, languid aesthetic is one with longevity. We've put our Sans Beast twist on this laid back luxe trend with our signature sculpted handles, GRS certified recycled fabric + practical details like internal pockets and an adjustable + detachable strap.

And it's roomier than you'd expect - we've created a series of #WIMB (what's in my bag) videos to show the capacity of the Dumpling (and all our bags) in more detail.  Jump on to our YouTube or IG story highlights to explore. 


Coco wears a lime toned suit and holds the Artichoke Dumpling Pouche in her hands.


How to Style the Dumpling 

@styledbysally on Instagram - Styling the Dumpling Pouche

The Dumpling is a different type of bag to wear + style than much of the Sans Beast collection. Its rounded curves mean it sits out from the body - compared to crossbody bags like the Bright Spark or Bandolier that sit quite flat against the torso or hip - so it's a bolder fashion look. 

It also features a drawcord that can be closed tightly or more loosely to create a unique silhouette. The shape will differ depending on what you put inside - as it's a soft bag, the pouche shape will change with how much you fill the interior, and you can play with the folds created when you close the drawcord to create your preferred form.

Like our signature Reader Satchel and Long Lunch Mini Tote, the addition of integrated handles on the Dumpling amp up the styling options, so it can be worn as a shoulder bag, crossbody bag or carried by the hand. 

Stylist Sally McKinnon gives us her take on styling the Dumpling here and you can see how the Sans Beast team style it below:


Hand held

Our favourite way to carry the Dumpling is by the handles. The extra long drawcord adds a touch of drama + movement, and carrying it by hand shows off the beautiful shape. Remember, the silhouette will differ depending on what you put inside, and how tightly you choose to close the drawcord.

MG carries the Noir Dumpling in her hand

CW carries the Artichoke Dumpling in her hand

Single shoulder

An elegant choice, wearing the Dumpling on the shoulder brings an elevated look. Adjust the strap to hang at hip height + experiment with how it sits against the body. This option is ideal for evening + event looks.

VF wears the Artichoke Dumpling on her shoulder

MG wears the Cinnamon Dumpling on her shoulder


Use the included strap to wear the Dumpling crossbody - it's a fine 2.5cm wide so it keeps things sleek, and pairs beautifully as a soft contrast to tailored, structured outfits, or as a complementary accessory for looser, oversized or ruffled clothing.

CD wears the Noir Dumpling crossbody

CW wears the Artichoke Dumpling crossbody

Add a feature strap

The addition of a feature bag strap offers a change in mood once again - wear crossbody with a BarricadeCorridor or Laneway strap, or use the strap for fashion rather than function and let it hang down as you carry the Dumpling by the handles. It brings a sportier mood + a playful contrast to the soft silhouette.

MG wears the Cinnamon Dumpling and Chestnut + Gunmetal Corridor strap crossbody

CD carries the Cinnamon dumpling with Corridor Strap hanging down


We adore our Dumpling for her opinionated personality + visage. And happily, so do a rapidly growing number of our community. This beauty is here to stay.

Have fun experimenting with styling this special piece - don't forget to share how you style your Dumpling on IG and tag #beautywithoutthebeast.


Studio Sans Beast


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