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Signature Styles

Signature Vegan Bags + Straps

Our signature styles have proven themselves in the collection by being the most popular vegan bags + straps our community have embraced over time.  Timeless silhouettes that resist short-lived trends, and bring versatility, beauty + function to your day. Our Signature styles are excluded from any storewide discount offers we run.

The Sans Beast collection is made up of recycled synthetics + bio-based fabrics, all constructed to emulate the hides from the animal kingdom but with a far lower environmental impact than animal leather - and none of the cruelty. We use REACH + Prop65 certified PU coated fabric, with the majority of the range being made utilizing recycled content, including our Sans Beast printed lining made from recycled PET (plastic bottles + textile waste). These fabrics are either Recycled Claim Standard or Global Recycled Standard certified. A small but growing portion of our range is bio-based - including pure cotton, Mirum®, Italian Appleskin™ + Desserto Cactus 'leather'.