Save 10% when you purchase a bag + strap together.*


Purchase a bag + strap, wallet or pouch to save 10% automatically at checkout.* Give your bag a new look with a signature SB webbing strap, a glamorous chain strap, a slimline card wallet or phone pouch/sling. Consider if you seek a hardware match or a clash when choosing your pairings + have some fun with new styling options. *Full price items only.


Pair a bag with a strap, wallet or pouch and you save 10% at checkout.* We've gathered some of (y)our favourite combinations of vegan bags and accessories to inspire you. Adding a feature bag strap brings a new mood to your favourite vegan crossbody bag, making it work with more in your wardrobe - with the added reward of saving 10% on your purchase when you combine any full priced bag + strap, wallet or pouch in one transaction. Delightful.

For styling tips + inspo on bag and strap pairings, head to our blog here. We have bags + straps with silver, gunmetal and gold hardware so you can match - or clash - your strap to your bag.  At Sans Beast we are fond of a hardware clash but if that's not your look, make sure to check the hardware colour before purchasing.

Our vegan bags and accessories are cruelty free and designed with quality + a bold, distinctive Sans Beast aesthetic at the fore.

Our collection is made up of virgin, recycled + bio-based fabrics, all constructed to emulate the hides from the animal kingdom - without the cruelty. We use REACH + Prop65 certified PU coated fabric, with most of the range being made utilizing recycled content, including our new Sans Beast printed lining made from recycled PET (plastic bottles + textile waste). These fabrics are Global Recycled Standard certified. A small but growing portion of our range is biobased - be it our pure cotton totes, or our AppleSkin™ collection.  Mirum® by Natural Fiber Welding will be launched in August 2023 + Desserto Cactus 'leather' will be rejoining our collection again in early 2024.

Sans Beast vegan bags and accessories are made with love, not animals. So you can enjoy a luxe bag without compromising on your values. We invite you to join the cruelty free revolution.