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Sans Beast Transit Mini Appleskin™ Leather Bags

AppleSkin™ 'Leather' Bags

Introducing the Transit Day Bag + Transit Mini: celebrating 90s minimalism with a tailored mood, and crafted in new-gen Italian AppleSkin™, made from apples.

This innovative leather alternative is made from the waste of the apple industry, with the fabric having a carbon footprint around 8 times lower than animal leather.

What fits inside?

Enjoy the seriously capacious volume of the Transit or keeps things petite with the Transit Mini. See just what fits inside both in our What's in My Bag video series.


Waste from the production of apple juice + jams is recovered, and instead of the usual disposal - by burning to ashes or depositing in landfill - these apple materials are dried, ground + turned into a powder which is laid out + sealed with a resin to create a durable leather alternative.