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Recycled Synthetics, Responsibly Made

Rather than animal leather, we use quality recycled synthetic materials including recycled PET + polyester and recycled PU coated fabrics to construct the majority of our bags, wallets + straps.

Why Synthetics?

Recycled synthetics have a lower environmental footprint than animal leather + make use of existing materials.

Plus, we're not on board with the ethics of using animal skins for fashion. No thanks.

We can't deny that there's a great deal of synthetic + plastic materials in the world - not just in fashion - and as a world community we have to find a way to make these materials of use to consumers in an affordable way. Using recycled synthetics - we have no virgin synthetic fabrics in our collection - is one way to do that.

Bio-based materials are a fabulous leather alternative - and we have these in our collection, too - yet it's still the case that they have a significantly higher price point, as new-gen fabric manufacturers are in relative infancy + need time to scale to reach a broader market.

Are Recycled Synthetics Durable?

Broadly speaking, yes they're very durable, though not bulletproof. They're very easy to clean - spills are less likely to be absorbed into the fabric if it has a PU coating, and they can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Recycled PET lining is also resistant to marks + spills, making it easier to keep clean than a suede lining.

Minor scuffs + scratches on the PU coating can be addressed with shoe polish and the like to rejuvenate.

Longevity is very dependent on how the bag is treated + what the expectations are around something looking ‘brand new’ after regular wear. Rotating your bags is key - mix up your carry options like you would any other fashion item + they will last longer.


Our PU coated fabrics all comply with REACH and Prop65, meaning there's no toxic levels of chemicals used. Better for waterways + the health of the humans that manufacture them.

  • The majority of our range is recycled PU coated fabric. This is a recycled cotton substrate with PU coating. Depending on the style, this material is GRS or RCS certified.

  • Our printed lining is made from recycled PET, which is recycled plastic bottles + textile waste. It's light in colour so you can always find what you're looking for - no dark, cavernous bags here.

  • Our Puffball collection is made from 100% Recycled PET - inside + out.


In addition to our recycled synthetic materials, we also have bio-based fabrics including Italian Uppeal AppleSkin™, MIRUM® and Cactus leather alternative in the collection.