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It's Fashion Revolution 2023, the 10th anniversary of a global campaign that was conceptualised after the horror of the Rana Plaza collapse in 2013. The aim is to bring attention + respect to workers + the planet. We'll be marking the week with stories on who's behind our bags, as well as expanding our charity giving + a super exciting upcycling collab to come.

Be inspired by our International Women's Day Female Founder Series. From a range of market sectors + backgrounds, these women all share stories of creativity, vision + leaning in to the risk of building something from nothing.
As a new financial year begins in Australia, we want to update our community on our charitable donations + the impact each cruelty free purchase from Sans Beast has on three important causes.
Sans Beast was created with the sole purpose of delivering vegan fashion that had beauty without the beast, so we don't hesitate to lend our voice to the #dropcroc campaign to end the slaughter of crocodiles for fashion.

When we think about freedom for everyone on the planet, we tend to think of humans only.  But did you know there are people fighting, every day, for the freedom of intelligent, thoughtful, sentient beings who have been mistreated by humankind? Mickey Suzuki is one of these people.  Her story of how she came to work with the Non human Rights Project, the ongoing struggle to win rights for non human animals + her inherent compassion for all living beings, is a compelling one.  Read on to learn more about the NhRP, what the difference between animal welfare + animal rights is, and discover encouraging stories about how cases are being fought + won, through legal avenues.