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Split image of Penny wearing the Reader Satchel + Highway Strap in Forest Green, and Magbul holding the High Road Mini Emerald + Elemental Chain Strap in Gold.


By Jennifer Wills


Series 11 'Conversations Beyond' is our latest collection, introducing a considered array of new tones + shapes while maintaining our signature range of functional, responsibly made + head turning bags.

As an intentionally slow brand, we release just two collections a year. Our range is built around a core group of signature silhouettes that continue season after season - we then laminate new colours, materials + a small selection of fresh shapes for the seekers of new.  Despite being tempted by trend - we instead aim for enduring + collectable styles that will go the distance in a wardrobe. 

Magbul carries the Daytripper Tote Cinnamon

Penny wears the Bright Spark crossbody in Forest green

We've called Series 11 ‘Conversations Beyond’, a nod to the discussions we have that push us past our boundaries of comfort + the status quo – conversations beyond the everyday, where we challenge ourselves + others to ruminate on ethics, the environment + our future.  The notion also refers to conversations beyond our borders + shores.  Collaboration has always been central to our creative ethos +  you'll see a very exciting collaboration land in April 2023.  We've partnered with Joshua Katcher of The BraveGentleman + created a capsule collection of bags made from Italian Appleskin.  Stay tuned, more news to come soon. 

The arrival of Series 11 sees our use of virgin materials reduce from 21% of the collection in August 2022 to 3% in Feb 2023. And we move to a signature Sans Beast branded lining for all new deliveries, made from recycled PET (plastic bottles + textile waste). Both are a big step forward for the brand as we expand the collection into fully recycled or biobased fabrics.   


Magbul wears the Reader Satchel + Highway Strap in Chilli; Nethmi wears the Bright Spark crossbody in Denim

Penny wears the Petite Smuggler in Chilli


Despite loving the art of shooting outdoors - nature will always be our happy place - we opted for an indoor shoot for our Series 11 campaign, to alleviate weather woes, after all #climatechange.  We worked with longtime collaborator Cubed Studio, with Jess Garcia behind the lens, the fabulous Jam Baylon on styling, and Laurie Boring + Josie Hanuska on cruelty free HMU. 

We welcomed three models to the campaign - Viyara, Penny + Magbul - to once again convey that Sans Beast is for all, not limited by gender.

We invite you to join the conversation.


Penny carries the Cosmos Crossbody Pale Vanilla





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