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Our founder worked with leather for over a decade before starting Sans Beast, and as a result, is very particular with the materials that are sourced.  Aesthetic & tactile pleasures are (of course) pivotal to our design process, however the technical efficacy of our material is also paramount.  We source Eco PU's, which adhere to international standards in terms of chemical ingredients.  We are not suggesting perfection - our pieces are not going to disappear from the earth any time soon.  Our combat plan for this is to design pieces with spirit & integrity  for people who will love them.  Adored pieces don't go to landfill.  They're treasured, collected, shared, upcycled










Sketching involves the shapes & the internals, but also the hardware & trimmings that are to be used.  Patterns then need to be made by Tony's team, in Dongguan, moulds for the metal are completed by the hardware factory & artwork as required, is created.  In order to get the styles right, we do at least two prototype samples, plus a full coloured range of samples for photography & press, and this process can take up to 6 months.












The production period goes for 2-3 months, depending on material availability & it is a constant communication with the factory & the Sans Beast team to ensure all details remain on track. An exceptional relationship is called for in order for this to run smoothly. We've been working with Tony & his team in Dongguan, China, for 12 years, and our collections would not come together without his extreme care & attention to detail