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Behind the brand

Our process is slow + deeply considered. We value the connection we have with our team, our makers, our community, collaborators + charity partners.


Our A Maker's View videos provide some insight into our design process + how closely linked it has always been to our relationships with the manufacturing base. In 2023, we are expanding our maker horizons + you'll be seeing some new faces + spaces as we evolve + grow our supply chain partners. We'll continue to sketch in detail, and build our ranges with love for our craft + respect for the making process. Materials, hardware, topstitch, edgepaint, lining, pockets + all the construction in between, is discussed + worked through. In order to get the styles right, we do at least two rounds of sampling, plus a full coloured range of samples for photography + press, and this process can take up to 6 months.


We have produced at SingFai Handbags in the Dongguan area of Southern China since Sans Beast was established. The factory has gone through many changes since those early days, reducing in size, yet still continuing to look after us with dedication. However, as our brand has grown, so too the need to work with additional makers. We have added Viari in India + Xiongxin in Dongguan to our trusted group of vendors - both are known to us from our previous working relationship + we're excited to be growing the brand further with them.

The production period goes for approximately 3 months, depending on material availability + it is a constant communication with the factory + the Sans Beast team to ensure all details remain on track.


Packaging is a fraught area of the final production process.  Goods need to be shipped + this means they're sitting in a box + on a vessel for up to 4 weeks.  We transitioned 85% of our production from being packed into traditional plastic poly bags to water soluble bags midway through 2019. 

When you place an order, first, we say one of the following things: yay, thank you, brilliant, cheers, oooh that's a good choice...etc.  Then, we get to preparing your order.  John + Tayla are our warehouse superstars + they're sticklers for detail. 

John often hand writes a card for you (printed by Castlemaine small business, Print Together, on post consumer recycled paper with eco friendly inks), gets all the address labels sorted, checks that your purchase is perfect, rejects items that don't adhere to his high standards, then packs your treasure in its recycled cotton, undyed Sans Beast dust bag, carefully wraps it in the NoIssue branded paper (soy printed on paper from FSC sources), seals it with a sticker, and pops it in a recycled + recyclable cardboard box + seals the package with water activated paper tape. 

Yes, it's a process, and we are asked not to get in his way.  Short of sealing it with a kiss, these parcels are sent with love + dedication.  Amazon we are not, beautifully niche is our mantra.