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'Sensorius' (latin) : sensorius, sensoria, sensorium. 
adjective : sensory.

The third series for Sans Beast.



 A collection that builds on the now established signatures of the brand - functional shapes with touches of frivolity - and injects newness through saturated colours + interesting textures.  We don't want to create an entirely new collection of styles/shapes every 6 months - you can expect instead to see shapes repeated in new colours or materials, signature details evolving + then, the odd handful of new ideas we're excited about.  

"The paintings of Caravaggio were inspiring when putting the seasonal colour palette together for this collection – we wanted to convey a contrast of dark + light, and we wanted the campaign to reflect the same magic of Caravaggio's chiaroscuro, with evocative shards of light + draped fabric backdrops." 

Our intention for the shoots was to suggest that even in a sensory deprived state - in this case, darkness - aesthetic opinion stands out, if only in the imagination.